The Engineer

This is Kristal’s latest model, a kinetic sculpture of a human head that opens up to reveal the inner workings of the mind. This is the second model in a series that she started a year an a half ago with ‘The Artist‘. Each head in the series opens up in a different way to depict a different aspect of the human mind.

All of the complex mechanics, as well as the light, are powered through the single crank on the side of the model. The electricity for the light is generated by using a LEGO motor as a generator connected to the crank. There is quite a bit going on in this model, through a series of 29 gears and 4 gear racks, to achieve all of the behavior. I try my best to explain how it all works in the video.

Engineer Open

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3 thoughts on “The Engineer

  1. i agree. Your models are the most amazing and complex if find on all the MOC websites. The Engineer is amazing. Would love to support you to publish the instructions.

  2. I really would like to build the engineer and the artist (in your moving video it seems you are also working on doing a 3rd head – if so looking forward to seeing that). Do you take donations towards encouraging you to make specific instructions? Or are you interested to setup a kickstarter to collect money to compensate you for creating the instruction?

    • Glad you like those models! No, I don’t take specifically targeted donations, though that is an interesting idea. It’s more a matter of the time and effort required to put together instructions for models of that size and complexity.

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