The Dragonfly

Kristal has been building again, and the result is this kinetic LEGO sculpture of a pair of hands releasing a dragonfly.

There are a couple of things I really like about this model. The first being the contrast of the monochromatic exterior (with the gray hands and subtle detailing of pond life on the black base) with the small little punch of colour on the interior.

The second being the relatively simple, but elegant, mechanics of the interior, which allow all of the motion to be controlled using a single crank on the side of the base. As the hands open, the dragonfly lifts off from the surface of the pond and its wings begin to move. As you reverse the direction of the crank, the dragonfly lowers back down and the hands come back together.

You can watch the video in its entirety to see exactly how it all works together.

Dragonfly Open


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One thought on “The Dragonfly

  1. Please make instructions I would like to make all the models on your channel but I only have the pieces for this one so please make instructions


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