Rolling Ball Clock

Here is my working ball clock built out of LEGO parts.  These novelty clocks were invented in the 1970s by Harley Mayenschein. You can find more information about them here: I had one of these growing up and, despite the colossal noise it made, I always thought it was super cool.

For those that have noticed it does not keep accurate time in the video. I just wanted to show off the mechanical components of the clock. It is currently running off of a standard LEGO 9V motor, which ends up picking up a ball every 55 seconds. In order to keep accurate time, an actual timing motor/controller would have to be used. This could be done using the LEGO mindstorms system.

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3 thoughts on “Rolling Ball Clock

  1. Please could you make instructions for this build as I’d love to have one

  2. Hi, I think you are a great LEGO builder. My children and I love what you do. Keep on rocking!!

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