Jason Strikes Back!

This week marks three years since I built my Ultimate Useless LEGO Machine! In all that time, I still haven’t figured out a way to turn it off. At last I will have my revenge! Or will I?

There is actually some cool programming going on here. The black box and the hand robot coordinate their behaviors using the Mindstorms Bluetooth capabilities. I have to say, I was super impressed with the ease and performance of this feature. Kudos to the EV3 team for such a fantastic implementation!

Despite what it might look like, the black box robot is actually driving the entire sequence. It sends messages to the hand robot to tell it what to do, then it either does an evasive maneuver, or waits for the hand to turn the switch off.

It responds to the switch being turned off the same way it always has, using the light sensor inside. It doesn’t use the proximity sensor to detect when the hand is there though. Since it is telling the hand what to do, it always knows what is going on. The hand would always trigger it anyway, since it is always above the sensor.

Instructions for building the the black box can be found in my original blog post. I haven’t put together instructions for the hand robot. Had a lot of fun making this video, hope you enjoy it!

LuuMa Hand

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