Galloping Horse Kinetic Sculpture

Update 11/18/2016: Instructions for building this model are now available here.

Last fall, while looking for new projects to work on, I was inspired to build a kinetic sculpture of a horse.  After many prototypes, several months of procrastination and what seems like hours of watching horse videos, it is finally finished.

It proved to be quite a challenge to reproduce the fluid motion of a galloping horse. I designed the system for the legs early on, but I really wanted to capture some of the other subtle movements involved as well.  Like the slight rocking of the body, the forward thrust of the head and a little flick of the tail.  All of that motion is driven through a single axle in the base, which can be cranked by hand or via a motor.

It is fairly mesmerizing to watch and as an added bonus even sounds a little like a galloping horse.


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