Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions I get asked. They are roughly sorted into categories, which might help you find the answers you are looking for. This page will probably be updated occasionally. If you have questions you can always send me a message on any of the social media sites linked above.

Building Our Models

How do I get the parts to build one of your models?Sisyphus

You’ll have to order them yourself, likely from multiple different part re-sellers. It can take a bit of work, but can be rewarding in the end. If you have no experience purchasing LEGO parts it can be a little bit daunting at first. Think of it as a long term DIY project.

Rebrickable (rebrickable.com) is a website that can help you with this task. Most of our models with building instructions have a page on Rebrickable (you can find a link with the instructions download links). From that page you can see what stores the pieces are available in, or even how many of the pieces you have in your collection if you add your collection to Rebrickable.

For a couple of models, there are vendors that have put together complete kits. You can find them listed below:

Sisyphus: heartbricker.com
Waddling Duck: constructibles.net

Can’t I just order a kit from you?

No, sorry, I don’t provide kits myself. I’d rather spend my time doing creative things, like designing and building models, than ordering parts and packing up kits.

But didn’t you put together a kit of your Sisyphus model for Adam Savage?

Yes, I did, and I’m sure you can appreciate that that was really exciting for me. I was also curious how much effort it would be, since I had been thinking about making kits available. Going through that exercise just re-enforced the fact that making kits is not something I want to do.


Can you make instructions for model ____?

Probably not. Putting together instructions takes a lot of time and effort. I typically have to be feeling quite ambitious to do it, or feel that a lot of people might benefit from them. Also, many of our older models are no longer together, so we would first have to go through the effort of rebuilding them. As I’m sure you can imagine, revisiting older models is not as much fun as building new ones.

How do you make your building instructions?

I use a variety of tools, mostly built around the LDraw system. You can find information about the LDraw system, and all the tools I mention below on ldraw.org.

I start by making a digital version of the model using some combination of MLCad, LDCad and sometimes even LDD. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, so which one(s) I use depends largely on the style of the model. Once the model is complete, I use MLCad to finalize all of the sub models and set up the instruction step sequences.

To render the final PDF file I use my own custom written software, which is not publicly available (sorry). It does essentially the same thing as LPub though (which is part of the LDraw suite).

Our LEGO Collection

How many pieces do you have?LEGO Room 2016

I have no real idea, but, as of 2016, I would guess around 500,000.

Where did you get them all?

Most of them came from buying sets. We don’t keep LEGO sets together. We take them apart and then use the pieces to build our own models.

How do you store them?

I did a room tour of our old LEGO room, which will give you an idea. You can find that video here.


Who is Kristal?

She is my partner.

How come we never see her?

You can! She actually appears in several of our videos. See if you can find them.

Why don’t you let her show her own models?

I’d love to, but she’s not interested in making videos. So, you’re stuck with me.