Fan Designed Custom Mazes

It’s been two weeks since the Maze set was released, and some amazing custom mazes have been popping up in various places.  I thought I’d highlight just a few that I really liked. I’m really excited to see people embracing the customization aspect of the set, as this was one of the core components of my original idea, and I can’t wait to see what else people come up with!

Benny’s Maze Maze MAZE!

Just today, /u/Marcus_Aurelius2 posted this awesome Benny/Classic Space themed maze over on reddit.  I love the use of flexible hoses for part of the track, the elevation changes and the extension of the theme to the frame itself.

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Factory Frenzy

John Stephens create this wonderful factory themed maze. The factory/industrial aesthetic is bang on, with some great usage of stickers and printed pieces. Some great elevation changes on this one too, and I especially love the micro scaled equipment. He even posted a YouTube video of it in action.

Factory Frenzy

Star Wars Maze

I’ve seen a couple of Star Wars themed mazes, but this one by Flickr user chun-wei Cheng is particularly nice. It features a tonne of great decorative elements, including a micro scaled AT-AT, X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Death Star, Sail Barge and Sarlac Pit. There are just so many great details to look at!

01-star wars maze

Golf Maze

Instagram user brick_rhodes created this nicely detailed golf themed maze. It features a pretty interesting game mechanic. The ball starts in a shallow depression, and you have to tilt the maze quickly to get the ball out and take a ‘shot’, just like teeing off at a real golf course. You can see it in action in the video he posted.

Lego golf themed maze! Check out my YouTube video, link in bio!

A photo posted by @brick_rhodes on

Maze with Cars

This maze, by /u/Yifkong, is particularly interesting in that is has a couple of cars that roll back and forth, and you can use them to transport the ball. A really interesting game mechanic that I am looking forward to trying out myself at some point.

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