Ent Sculpture

10236 Ewok VillageWhen I picked up the awesome LEGO Ewok Village (set 10236) one of the first things that came to my mind was that you could probably build a pretty awesome Ent from the parts in it. That was almost a year ago, and last month I finally sat down to tackle the project.

It quickly became clear that I wasn’t going to be able to build a fully articulated model at the scale I was aiming for.  There just weren’t enough suitable hinge pieces to build really strong joint connections. Using some counterweight trickery I was able to overcome this limitation in the upper body, and Technic friction pins ended up being strong enough to create some reasonably pose-able arms.

For the legs I eventually resigned myself to firmly attaching them to the base of the model. I was determined to make them a little more interesting than just sticking straight down into the ground though, and eventually worked out a solid design to have the model posed in mid stride.

Step by step building instructions, showcase video and photos can all be found below.


Building Guide

PDF File

Digital Model Files

LDraw File

Additional Resources

Parts List



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