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I was talking with my brother about potential LEGO projects and Da Vinci machines inevitably came up. By all accounts Leonardo Da Vinci was a genius, excelling in many fields of art, engineering and science. I was particularly interested in the work he did in engineering, and decided to build a flying machine inspired by his many sketches on the idea of human powered flight.

As far as we know he never tried to build any of his flying machine concepts, and even though they would not have worked they still capture our imagination today.

I have submitted this project to LEGO’s CUUSOO site.  Please check out the project here and add your support if you would like to see it potentially become an official LEGO set.

This model can be powered manually using the crank at the side of the base or with a motor.  The instructions show how to power it using a Power Functions M motor, but it can be just as easily powered using an old 9V motor.

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