Construction Site

A few months ago I was challenged to build an alternate model of the latest LEGO Fire Station, set number 60004.  The goal was to design an alternate model that would fit within the LEGO City theme, and target the same age range as the original set (ages 8-12).  I don’t build a lot of LEGO City themed models, or even minifig scale models for that matter, so the biggest challenge for me was coming up with an idea of what to build.  It was hard to imagine re-purposing all those large wall bricks and windows into something other than a building!

Upon seeing all the windows, Kristal suggested I build a glass factory.  That got me thinking about building construction, and I eventually decided to tackle a tower crane and construction site.  I tried to incorporate a lot of play features into this model, making do with the limited number of Technic parts from the original set.  The tower crane is quite functional, with a really quick and easy mechanism for raising and lower it’s payload.

I built several baskets for the crane, each designed to carry a different part.  Each basket also has a simple inset frame on the bottom, which allows them to securely fit onto the truck bed or trailer.

You can find building instructions for this model below, along with a video showing all of the play features in action and some photos of the details.


Building Guide

PDF File

Digital Model Files

LDraw File

Additional Resources

Parts List