Where The Sidewalk Ends

I have loved building with LEGO bricks for as long as I can remember.  I have fond memories as a child of digging through basic bricks, flying around the moon with my Classic Space sets, and creating awesome Technic creations. In my teen years I would often use LEGO bricks as the medium for school science and engineering projects, and thanks to my younger brother I still had an excuse to purchase sets (as gifts, of course) and play with them.

As a young adult I even acquired a few sets for myself, mostly to put on display, but that all changed in the late 90’s.  LEGO released the first version of their Mindstorms programmable robotics system and also obtained the Star Wars license.  The combination proved impossible to resist, and so began my slow, but inevitable, transition from casual LEGO aficionado to full blown AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO).

LeonovMy interest in the hobby has evolved over the years, from creating stop motion videos, to collecting LEGO Star Wars sets, to building my own custom models. Along the way my partner Kristal (the K in JK Brickworks) has also started building some amazing models.  This website showcases many of the models we have designed and built.

Through it all I am continually struck with how amazing the LEGO system is as a medium for building, well, pretty much anything you can imagine. It allows people of all ages to enjoy the challenge of bringing their ideas to life, exercising their visualization and problem solving skills along the way.

Jason Allemann